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Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection

Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection

    • Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection
    • Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection
    • Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection
    • Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection
  • Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: First Act
    Certification: ISO
    Model Number: RAQ-H-II

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
    Price: Between USD13000 USD15000
    Packaging Details: Plywooden box
    Delivery Time: 25 work days
    Supply Ability: 10 units per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Trays: 8 DIN Trays Layers: 4 Layers
    Rotary Spray Arm: 3 Door: Single Motor Driven Lock Door
    Preheat Water Tank: Without Heater: 18KW
    Chamber: Polished 304 Stainless Steel

    Medpharm RAQ-H-II Washer-disinfector is designed for the cleaning and intermediate-level disinfection of soiled reusable utensils, trays, glassware, rubber and plastic goods, simple hard-surfaced rigid surgical instruments (such as forceps and clamps) and other similar items found in health care facilities. Compact design and small footprint enables easy conversion from manual cleaning and disinfection process.


    Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection


    Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection


    Medical washer disinfector for surgical instruemnts cleaning and disinfection


    Key feature

    • 8 DIN trays capacity, 4 layers shelves with three rotary spray arms offers large scale washing spaces.
    • Visible tempered glass door with hollow remains cool to touch.
    • Doors have a built-in safety mechanism with interlock function (if pass through double door type).
    • Micro-printer built-in with RS232 port for recording washing phases
    • Ergonomic design of the door level height allows to the user a convenient loading/unloading job with the support of a manual loading/unloading shelf
    • Rotary spray arms fixed at the top and bottom of the chamber are disassemble spray head



    • Three groups totally 18KW electric heating elements equipped in the sump tank under the washing chamber for quick heating and saving energy
    • A strong centrifugal washing water circulating pump provides high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure
    • Two standard automatic liquid dispensers inject programmed amounts of 2 kinds of 4L chemical additive directly into the sump tank during processing
    • A high-velocity blower with 6KW electric heaters and HEPA filter take in fresh clean hot air of 110℃ to dry the load instruments fast after washing and disinfection
    • Two water filters one placed in water inlet and one in the bottom of chamber to protect the centrifugal circulating pump running safely
    • Two temperature sensors one in the sump tank bottom and one in the air heating pipe to ensure the accurate temperature during the process
    • 6 preset programs and 24 customer settable programs display on 7” colorful touch screen facilitates user operation
    • Visual and audible alarm when cycle complete or failure
    • With mist condensate collector and cool water is sent directly to drain
    • A0 value automatic calculating ensuring the thermal disinfection effect.



    Cycle process(Standard Cycle)

    Washing — Soft water fills the sump tank. A predetermined amount of enzymatic detergent is automatically added to the sump after the soft water filling. Then the water pump start to spray the water continuously to wash and clean the instruments loaded and the electric heater heats the washing solution(Soft water with washing detergent) to the set temperature(Recommend value 45℃) . The washing solution temperature reach the set point, the washing timer starts, the temperature controlled automatically by PLC system during process. While the washing process maintains at the preset temperature and the timer reach the preset time, the water pump and heater stop, the washing solution is pumped to drain. This washing step is finished after water drain off.

    Rinse-1— Soft water fills the sump tank and is recirculated to spray on the instruments loaded to remove washing detergent residues. While the timer reach the preset value, the rinsing water is pumped to drain, this step is finished after water drain off.

    Rinse-2—Repeat Rinse 1 step again to ensure the instruments rinse clean.

    Thermal Disinfection & Oil— Pure water fills the sump tank. Then water is spraying over the load as the electric heater heating the water at the same time. A measured amount of instrument lubricant is automatically added into the water. Once the disinfection temperature of 93°C is achieved, the disinfection timer start and the temperature will be maintained automatically, while the timer reach the preset value, the pump and heater stop, the water drains out. This step finished upon the water drain off.

    Drying— Fresh air is taken from the clean side and pulled through a HEPA filter by blower, forced through a electric heater before blowing over the instruments loaded. The hot air temperature will be controlled automatically during this period. While the dry timer reach the preset value this step finished. Drying temperature and drying time are preset and are adjustable.


    Washing carts


    Standard cart (4 level wash cart with 8 trays) CARTS

    Multiple Level Wash Carts—Standard wash carts are available

    with 2, 3, or 4 levels of removable shelves. Each shelf will hold 2

    instrument trays. Unique intermediate shelves and spray arms are removable to allow operators the flexibility to clean and disinfect dedicated loads of instruments, mixed loads of instruments with utensils, or rigid endoscopes and anesthesia tubing with standard instruments.



    Tubular Instrument Wash Carts(Option wash carts)


    Tubular Instrument Wash Racks—Unique tubular instrument rack accommodates a wide range of tubular-cannula instruments such as trocars, suction tips, syringes, needles, rigid endoscopes and catheters, in combination with standard instrument trays. Cleaning solutions are forced up through all tubular passages to effectively clean and disinfect instruments. Available in a half-set for up to 20 instruments or in a full-set front and back.Rack installs only on lower shelf of 3- or 4-level


    Laparoscopic Scissors Cassette—Unique cassette plugs into the

    Tubular Instrument Wash Rack and provides injection ports for eight demountable Laparoscopic Scissors. Cleaning solutions are

    forced through tubing to clean and disinfect instruments.

    Anesthesia/Respiratory Wash Cart—Unique wash cart for processing temperature stable anesthesia hoses, masks, bellows, tubing and breathing bags. Cleaning solutions and drying air is forced into all items.


    Standard accessories:

    Instrument shelf

    8 DIN trays

    Note: Detergents 4L are not included in the equipment when order, please buy from local distributor.

    Technical Parameters

    Main Parameters
    Model RAQ-H-II
    Chamber Size(Width x Height x Depth) 643x871x557 mm
    Chamber Volume 260 Liters
    Loading Capacity 8 DIN trays
    Dimensions(Width x Height x Depth) 866x1800x645 mm
    Net Weight 180 Kg
    Materials 304 stainless steel chamber, heater, pipeline ,door ,cover, shelf and trays; Steel coated support frame
    Energy Resource Requirements(Offered by user)
    Electric Power AC380V, 3P/N/E, 50Hz, 20KVA
    Soft Water 0.2---0.4Mpa, 25L/step
    Pure Water 0.2---0.4MPa, 300L/Cycle
    Detergent & Lubricant Depend on certain cycle
    Drain Pipe Outlet DN40
    Soft Water Inlet DN20
    Pure Water Inlet DN20
    Air Outlet DN50


    Contact Details

    Contact Person: Ms. Juliet

    Tel: +86-512-56762566

    Fax: +86-512-58592400

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