About us

Company Brief 

MEDPHARM is committed to providing quality sterilization products, service, parts and maintenance training at significant savings. From customized parts packages to turnkey equipment acquisition and installation, our innovative sterilization solutions are designed to meet our customers' needs. 

We understand that untimely breakdowns are costly and can be detrimental to your everyday operations. Our service team is compromised of expert technicians that respond quickly to all of your service needs. We offer on-site service support including inservices, installation and deinstallation of your equipment. From breakdown  repairs to comprehensive maintenance programs, we have an innovative service solution for you.

We will service on-Site Repairs.Our staff is equipped with the resources required to provide you with on-site,   on-time repairs in compliance with manufacturer specifications. We also provide installation, deinstallation, and inservices on most makes and models of sterilization equipment. Near or far we can provide you with service support that you need.

Our reconditioning background has taught us of the importance of having quality parts on hand at all times.  We have a large inventory of individual repair parts, as well as preventive maintenance kits, and consumables  in stock and ready to ship today.

With our expert technical support staff, it is not always necessary to have part numbers to place an order. We will help you identify the quality parts that you need.

Our Service


We assist customers in defining the optimal sterilization solutions based on:

• Load type and size

• Required cycles

• Space limitation

• Delivery time

• Budget


The manufacturing process is fully documented according to detailed design and quality considerations.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) ensures that the product leaves the factory in compliance with the customer’s requirements.


Available to assist during autoclave installation and connection to utilities. 

During Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) our support also includes assistance with calibration and validation.

Additional help is available regarding PQ, Training & Operation.


After Sales Service

We understand that untimely break downs are costly and can be detrimental to your everyday operations. 

Our service team is compromised of profesional technicians with practice experiences that respond quickly to all of your service needs. 

We offer on-site and on-line service support including in-services, installation and de-installation of your equipment.

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